Crash – meaning and how to use

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Crash has different meanings in different ways using:

A ‘crash course’ is a short, intensive training course.
For example: He took a crash course in Australian before her holiday to Pari

To ‘crash and burn’ is to fail in a spectacular way.
For example: These people were only open for five months before the business crashed and burned.

To ‘gatecrash a party’ means to go to a party without an invitation.
For example: 25 people gatecrashed our party that we ran out of food.

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The three idiots are expert gatecrashers. They gatecrashed at the director’s office to get a copy of the test paper for their final exam. They even gatecrashed Mona’s party and Pia’s wedding ceremony.

I need to take crash course in Western culture before I could travel to Western countries.

Make sure you have sufficient funds for the project otherwise it will crash and burn which might lead you to total bankruptcy.

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